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Whitehorse Trip, November 2014
Didn't include any motorcycling but it was still a brilliant adventure, so here's where it goes
Arriving in Whitehorse, Yukon Archives
Road trip to Skagway, Alaska
Returning home
Bonus entry - Bill Reid's Haida sculpture in Vancouver Airport

Triumph motorcycles - My Favorite!
Can I visit the Triumph plant in 2014?  Triumph Tiger 800 - Ride Review  Triumph Factory Visit Fantasy
(Update: factory visit didn't happen. Still had a great visit to England, Wales. Read about it on my
Geek blog!)

2012 trip to the Canadian Rockies
Overview  Start  Reaching the Rockies  Exploring  Heading Home  The Home Stretch

2010 trip to the Canadian Rockies
The Plan   Start   Revelstoke and Glacier   To Yoho   The Icefields Parkway

The Icefields Centre  On to Jasper  More Jasper  Heading Home Part 1  Heading Home Part 2


2009 failed trip to the Canadian Rockies
Day 1 Happiness  Day 2 Sadness

Meeting Lois Pryce and Austin Vince
Setup   Joy!

Favorite Motorcycling Books

2008 in British Columbia's Cariboo region

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