Sunday, March 22, 2009

Researching Western Canada

Since becoming a Recycled Motorcyclist, one of the most interesting parts has been sorting out exactly what sort of riding I want to spend time doing. It's fun having a bike with Warp Capability but not fun to me to always zoom past sights at high speed...actually SEEING the cool stuff is where the fun is for me.

There are a lot of places around the world that I eventually want to see but for now, the direction I find most exciting and accessible is North. At first it was about Alaska but there's so much amazing stuff in Western Canada that that's actually become more of a focus now. I took one weekend ride up to Lillooet, BC last year and am planning various other trips that I'll make in the future. I can't overemphasize how breathtaking the scenery has been. And how friendly and welcoming the people have been as well!

Some invaluable resources in researching these trips have been:

The Parks Canada web site with information about the 42 National Parks and also National Historic Sites.

The best books I've found...and by best I mean, I can sit and pore over these books and a map for hours:
The Moon Handbooks Western Canada edition
Canadian Rockies Access Guide (new edition due April 2009)
Explore Canada (which focuses on parks)
Lonely Planet editions focusing on British Columbia and Canada as a whole
The Milepost book covers both Western Canada and Alaska

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