Thursday, March 19, 2009

Why "Recycled"?

"Recycled" refers to the fact that this is the second point in my life where motorcycling has been a major passion.

20 years ago, while living in Northern Calfornia, I shared an apartment with a friend from work. She and her friends were from Calgary and were also avid motorcyclists. Another co-worker decided to get out of riding and was trying to sell his Yamaha Vision at that point - it became mine. It was the perfect beginner bike because it was moderate in price (and power) and already a little scuffed up, so the inevitable beginner's bike drop wasn't as painful as it would've been with a new bike.

I'd never thought about motorcycling before that time but it ended up being something I had a latent passion for. I remember thinking "it's like skiing EVERYWHERE!" It added color and adventure to my life. Those memories of learning to ride up on Skyline Boulevard, taking riding classes (and using 3 tips from those classes to avoid injury within a couple months) and just riding all over the hills and down Highway 1 evoke some of the best memories of my life.

And then a couple years later, I bought my first new bike, a Suzuki Katana 750 ...

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