Saturday, November 15, 2014

Whitehorse - Yukon Territory: Day 2

Day 2 was to be a road trip, a drive to and from Skagway, Alaska with the goal of getting some really good beer that wasn't available in the Yukon. 

Good morning Whitehorse!

My two partners in crime(*) during this trip, Heather and Mia:

(*) Just a figure of speech. No actual crimes were committed during these adventures.

I had thought that the Icefields Parkway in Jasper was the most visually stunning road in Western Canada. But the Klondike Highway sure gave it a run for its money!

The day started out completely overcast...

And then the clouds gradually retreated to reveal stunning mountains and trees.

I'm told that Emerald Lake is a really gorgeous shade of green. Unfortunately, it was also covered with ice by early November.

As soon as we crossed the White Pass, temperatures rose noticeably.

If you liked those views of the road, hang're going to see them in reverse on the way back!

This cute puppy was hanging out around where we parked the car.

Apparently, Skagway is the secret location of the actual Internet!

Views from the ferry dock. It really is a very photogenic town!

Now for the ride back!

Charlie Brown Christmas tree, located.

Back in Whitehorse. These Little Free Libraries are a GREAT idea!

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