Wednesday, August 11, 2010

2010 Canadian Parks Tour - Day #2 continuing through Yoho

Here's a time capsule from the Rogers Pass information site and the information site itself:

Continuing on towards Yoho Park, some local wildlife, bighorn sheep, turned out to observe:

Yoho is the park I was most looking forward to visiting last year and it was deeply cool to finally reach the park this year.

Here's are some shots approaching and by Emerald lake:

Pressing on towards Field, a town in the heart of Yoho:

I stopped at the visitors centre near Field, look forward to returning when time allows. Next, I pressed on towards Takakkaw Falls. The first shot below is near a viewpoint for the Spiral Tunnels, which made sending railroads through Kicking Horse Pass less, well, lethal.

Here is one of the switchbacks, which make driving up the hill a task vehicles hauling trailers shouldn't attempt. Note how the road's surface has been battered by falling rocks. Not a place to be during bad weather!

Takakkaw Falls. 1260 ft/384 meters high, vs. Niagara Falls' 167 feet / 52 meters. The treat that hikers get and vehicle tourers don't is a look at the icefield on top whose melt water feeds that waterfall. The word Takakkaw comes from the Cree word for magnificent. I can only think that the Cree are a people given to understatement!

Day 2 was a big day, as I spent a little time in Lake Louise later in the day before pressing on into the Icefields Parkway. More will be posted later...

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