Wednesday, August 18, 2010

2010 Canadian Parks Tour - Day #3 The Icefields Centre

The Icefield Centre - lots of great information and touring options available here:

The Triumph Speed Triple - so cool it may save the glaciers from global warming!

This is as close to the Athabasca Glacier as they want you to get, these days!

This is part of how glaciers carve mountains: by dragging embedded rocks across stationary rocks:

There's a snow bus with big balloon tires that takes tourists safely onto the glacier.

Others hike up until they're nearly at the toe of the glacier:

Here's a decent overall shot of the Athabasca Glacier. If you look closely, you can get an idea of scale by finding the guided party hiking, up on the left:

LOTS of safety warnings there. Understandable, as crevasses are often invisible. Death by hypothermia while wedged into a TIGHT slot in a block of ice has to be a horrible way to go.

The glacier is melting faster these days. This melt-water stream was lively around 10 am. They mention it as another hazard so maybe it becomes turbulent enough to be dangerous, later in the day.

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