Sunday, August 8, 2010

2010 Canadian Parks Tour - Day #1

Day #1 On the way to the border at Sumas/Abbotsford

A little reminder that we have some tasty scenery on this side of the border, too. LOVE the Pacific Northwest!

The right side of the J.Ballam Furniture store below is the exterior location for the Cafe Diem in the TV show Eureka. Location is Wellington Ave in Chilliwack, BC. I'd kind of absurdly hoped that it would be signed as Cafe Diem when I stopped by.

At Hope, I switched over to the Coquihalla Highway. Stopped for food/rest in Merritt, BC, little suspecting that it's the Country Music Capital of Canada.

Later, I stopped for gas in Kamloops.

The Merritt/Kamloops stretch of the Coquihalla seemed pretty dry and desolate. Not sure why it seems that way and yet the Cariboo region around Cache Creek appeals to me.

The day so far had started out foggy and then turned sunny by the time I reached Hope. At Kamloops, a little rain started to fall but it ended pretty quickly. Good for me in terms of riding comfort, bad for an area experiencing wild fires right now.

By the time I reached Salmon Arm, however, the scenery was back to a green forest-like aspect. Just after Salmon Arm, I stopped by the side of the road to stretch my legs a bit and heard a striking bird cry close by. It turned out that an osprey had brought a fish to the top of this utility pole and was enjoying a bit of sashimi.

Here's a view further along Shuswap Lake, which is really quite gorgeous.

As this sign explains, the lake takes its name from the Shuswap tribe.

Unfortunately, there was a very serious accident just before Sicamous and getting from the rest stop where the two photos above were taken to Sicamous, which should have taken around 10-20 minutes, took the better part of 1.5 to 2 hours. Godspeed to the souls who lost their lives there.

The bridge to Revelstoke, at last! (Craigellachie?)

It had been a long first day. I'd planned for about 400 miles in 10 hours of riding but it ended up being about 440 miles/710 km, due to a detour, in 12 hours of riding.

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