Wednesday, August 18, 2010

2010 Canadian Parks Tour - Day #3 - On to Jasper National Park

And the road lead on towards Jasper...

This wasn't a place I'd planned to explore but I'm glad I did so spontaneously. Sunwapta's so utterly beautiful that I just stared at it in amazement for minutes.

Sad face - as I rode onwards and stopped repeatedly for pictures, I inadvertently left the camera pocket on my tank bag unzipped and my camera bailed out at about 65 mph. My face is saying, "Do You Still Work?!?!?!"

Mount Edith Cavell, named after a British heroine from World War I.

At last, Jasper National Park's Info Centre:

I was staying overnight outside of Jasper in Hinton, Alberta. Stopped along the way to take photos of the sand dunes that have collected from glacial silt, along Lake Jasper:

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