Saturday, August 21, 2010

2010 Canadian parks Tour Conclusions

My tour through the Canadian parks was a wonderful experience. There was some wear and tear involved. A camera that ALMOST passed the 65 mph drop test, a waist buckle on my backpack melted on the Triumph's exhaust pipes. This righteous callous on my throttle hand after 5 days:

If I was doing this trip over again, I would have either added 2-3 days to it so I could do some real hiking or paddling or aimed for less road miles, with the same objective. Riding through was fantastic but I desperately wanted to get off and wander on foot a bit and the schedule didn't allow for it.

As with previous trips, some people I met along the way were highlights of the trip. For some reason, people seemed to want to say Hello and yack a bit with a middle aged, solo biker, which only added to the trip. It was fantastic meeting the trip of New Zealand Harley riders at the Athabasca Glacier and I hope to visit their home roads, some day.

I can't wait to return to the Canadian Rockies because I know I only barely scratched the surface with this trip...

Resources used in planning the trip:
The Canada Cool web site - @CanadaCool on twitter

Handbook of the Canadian Rockies by Ben Gadd - samples, my review
This is THE book to have for a trip to the Canadian Rockies, if you can have only one

The Moon Books guide to Western Canada - Andrew Hempstead - my review at Amazon
Covers not only the Rockies but all points of interest in British Columbia, Alberta, the northern Territories

The Canadian Rockies Access Guide - John Dodd, Gail Helgason - I need to review this, it's an excellent guide to trails and outdoor resources

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  1. Hey ! Nice trip and no errant boulders this time around. Thanks for the pics and write ups :-)