Saturday, August 21, 2010

2010 Canadian Parks Tour - Day #5 Heading home Part 2

Since leaving Jasper on the previous day, it seemed that my trip home through the Cariboo would carry reminders of my first ride to Lillooet. I often paralleled the Fraser River or its tributary the Thompson. As with the ride to Lillooet, I saw a black bear.

And the town where I spent my last night in BC was measured in relation to Lillooet. Lillooet was the start of the old Cariboo Trail and there is a whole string of town named for their distance from it. So 100 Mile House is named for its distance from Lillooet along that route. Shots outside the motel where I stayed.

And the Visitors Centre in 100 Mile House is home to the world's largest cross country skis.

A neat inukshuk carved from wood.

Continuing on towards Cache Creek

And in Cache Creek

Continuing South, this river looks kind of sedate, so could be the Bonaparte, North of Lytton

Now, THIS looks like the mighty Fraser!

Boston Bar sign - only including this as it's my last photo taken en route.

From this point, I was pretty much in 'homing' mode. Stopped for a bite in Hope but otherwise headed for home at a good clip. There was an hour's backup at the border on this fine summer day, so that by the time I spoke with the US immigration officer, I had sweated THROUGH my leather jacket. Soon, i was home...and looking forward to more journeys North.


  1. Looks like an amazing trip through absolutely gorgeous country!

  2. I was! Can't wait to go back and linger next time...