Sunday, September 6, 2009

September 1 - Lois & Austin

This week has been very eventful, so I’ll be posting three new blog entries today.

The first concerns the event at Adventure Motorsports featuring the phenomenal couple of Lois Pryce and Austin Vince. They’re lovely people and very reticent to be seen in that respect (phenomenal ) but given that Austin’s fist is miles from my nose and Lois’s foot far from, er, any vulnerable target, I’ll go ahead and present things as I see them.

Adventure Motorsports has been the meeting location for our small but enthusiastic group of riders (called the Adventure Riders) since early this year and our member Allen Snook did a great job arranging this event. He secured the date with Austin & Lois and also the space at Adventure Motorsports as its venue. Great job, Allen!

I’ll step back a bit here and note that I’ve been reading Lois’s books for a couple years now, having stumbled upon ‘Lois on the Loose’ at Powell’s book store in Portland. I find most UK writers to be outrageously entertaining writers and this book very much so. When her second book ‘Red Tape and White Knuckles’ became available, I immediately ordered it from Amazon UK and enjoyed experiencing her sometimes heartwarming (in portraying the people of Angola so warmly), sometimes terrifying (minefields, frightening experiences in the Congo) trip vicariously.

As soon as we had firm arrangements for the event, I ordered Austin’s book ‘Mondo Enduro’ and was blown away by his amazing experiences riding around the world with a group that started as 6 other people. Their enterprise in conducting this very challenging trip on their own hook was mind boggling. Beyond this, they make it very clear that interacting with people in those travels is a life changing experience. Taken together, these are amazingly accomplished people from whom I feel I can learn a great deal.

They are also quite patient and showed great forbearance as the Adventure Riders worked feverishly to set up for the presentation. Then Lois discussed her Africa travels, Austin discussed his Mondo Enduro experiences and we had the treat of a teaser preview of Lois’s project ‘Ladies on the Loose’ with Horizons Unlimited. An informative (and entertaining) question and answer session and the night ended with attendees wishing we had 5-6 more hours to get tips from the accomplished pair.

Austin & Lois, thank you for your time. Now everyone please go and but their books and DVDs!
Mondo Enduro and more
Lois's site
Horizons Unlimited, their series The Achievable Dream

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