Monday, August 20, 2012

Western Canada Travels, Past and Present

The map above shows all of my motorcycle travels into Western Canada on one map on the face of  it, it seems like decent coverage for just a few trips up North.

Until you pull back the map a bit and look at how much of British Columbia, Alberta and the Northern Territories I haven't traveled yet. There's a tremendous variety of places to visit yet: the Yukon (e.g., Whitehorse, the blue X above) and Haida Gwaii (the islands with the black X) are particularly interesting. There is also a lot of cool stuff in Southern Alberta, circled in red.

Even in the places I've already visited, there are also many more things to see and do. The Canadian Rockies are a treasure trove of experiences and there's also a lot more to see and do in the nearby Cariboo region.

I can't wait to get back!

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