Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Dreaming of 6 Continents

Just for fun, I'm going to make a list of places around the world where I'd like to visit by motorcycle, hopefully touching each of the bike-accessible continents. With some of them, I've had definite ideas about places I'd like to see for a while. Africa was harder, though, and Australia and new Zealand still have me stumped.

Got any ideas for places to visit in Anzac?

Here are my current goals.

1) North America - I'm all over the Pacific Northwest already but riding from Alaska down to San Francisco or out Route 66 would be a kick!

2) South America: Santiago, Chile down to Tierra del Fuego (including Ushuaia) and back up to Buenos Aires.

3) Europe: riding the United Kingdom North-South and/or riding from Paris or Barcelona, through Switzerland, Eastern Europe and into Turkey (bonus points for a second continent in Istanbul!)

4) Asia: India and Russia both intrigue. perhaps I can wrangle a visit to my company's Hyderabad office, then ride over to Goa and on down the coast to the southern end? Was going to include Moscow to St. Petersburg but Google Earth wouldn't map that trip.

5) Africa: I've always been interested in Kenya and Tanzania and ending up down at the southern end again seems logical.

6) Australia - east coast. Need alternative/better suggestions and ideas for New Zealand.

Remember, I need suggestions for Australia and New Zealand!

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