Thursday, February 25, 2010

Is SomeTHING in The Garage?

Today has been a telecommuting day and it's been a productive one. But as the hour grew later and the light drained from the word, I suddenly realized that I had been hearing noises from the garage for some time. Had the creepiest feeling a couple hours ago that someone or someTHING was out there. There was a banging and thrashing about and at intervals, a bloodchilling screech would pierce the walls.

I wondered what was out there. I wondered if I should call for help. I thought about firing some shots through the door to soften up whatever it was but ammo is so expensive these days...

I stepped out into the garage but at first couldn't find the light switch.

It was dark - as dark as it gets.

I heard a horrid screeching off in the distance. As my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I realized that there were two eyes staring at me with a cold, fixed glare.

I stared into those cold, unforgiving eyes for what seemed an eternity. And then I realized that they were moving towards me.

Gradually, the glow from those incandescent globes began to make more of the garage visible...

As the eyes grew closer, my fumbling fingers found the lights. I flipped the switch and the mysterious beastie was revealed with a final shattering howl:

It was not a rabid wolverine or Charles Manson with a brain full of PCP and a rusty chainsaw. It was something altogether more ferocious, and yet more benign: A Triumph Speed triple motorcycle. Would it deign to seek out new places and new adventures with me, like the Triple damaged by falling rocks last year in BC? Only time would tell

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  1. whoa ! congrats on being back in the S3 saddle !